College GameDay Came to Pullman!!!

Many people by now have heard that the ESPN show College Gameday came to Pullman this weekend for the first time. The talk show starts before the first game of the day which typically has a kickoff at 12 pm EST. The hosts analyze the upcoming games for the day and at the end, they do their predictions for the winner of the game they are broadcasting from. This ends with host Lee Corso wearing the head of the mascot from the team he believes will win.

Last Saturday, at the corner of Stadium Way and Ferdinand’s Lane, College Gameday broadcasted their show for the FIRST TIME EVER in Pullman. Even though the broadcast has never been in Pullman, Cougar fans don’t disappoint when representing Wazzu. Since a College Gameday broadcast in 2003, there has been a WSU flag in the background on every show referred to as the Ol’ Crimson. 15 years later and after 216 consecutive appearances, the flag will return to Pullman because Cougars always find their way back home!

You might be thinking, why is this such a big deal? The amount of pride alumni have for WSU is unmatched when it comes to tradition and commitment. True Cougars rep Crimson and Grey, even after a loss. Among the wheat of the palouse stands a school where Cougar Football is a holiday. The amount of excitement for Cougar Football Saturdays is unreal and goes to create people like Tom Pounds who has been flying the flag behind broadcasts for 15 years.

Alumni of WSU create the family feeling of “Once a Coug, Always a Coug”. One of the firsts things we’re taught here at WSU as freshmen, is what to do when you see someone outside of campus wearing Cougar gear. You’re supposed to get their attention by shouting “Go Cougs!”and they respond with the same thing. No matter where you are, you’ll always find another Cougar. My parents are alumni of WSU and they currently live in Colorado. I remember growing up there and seeing very few people with Coug hats but my parents would both yell “Go Cougs!” and the other person would respond. Growing up with Cougar Pride, there wasn’t any doubt in my mind that I wanted to be at WSU as a student and understand the same pride that my parents felt whenever they saw someone else with WSU gear. It’s a feeling only Cougs really understand and it can’t be replicated by other schools.

There was a video I found on Facebook about the history and the planning behind Ol Crimson which you can watch here: Gameday- Ol Crimson

After years of waving the flag in 34 different states, the flag has finally come home to Pullman this Friday, October 20th, for the game against the Oregon Ducks. This is a truly historic day for WSU and another great weekend to be a Coug!

Go Cougs!