10 Things Near WSU that Visitors Should Do

I had the pleasure of being a tour guide for my boyfriend this past weekend. I wanted to make sure his visit had all the components of a good trip to WSU: tasty food, sights to see, and a true showcase of what the Palouse has to offer. I realized there isn’t much to do in a small town when you aren’t a student at the university and many students will have their parents or family members come visit at some point during the year. Here is my Pullman vacation guide for anyone looking for things to do on dad’s weekend or simply to do with your friends if you haven’t already!

1. Eat breakfast at The Old European

This is a great restaurant with a tasty European breakfast, and lunch options, that everyone can enjoy. I’ve heard you can get a free appetizer if it is your first time eating there! 

2. Mini Hike up to the water tower

It is a short uphill trek to a beautiful view of the Palouse and WSU campus. It’s also a great place to take pictures, have a small picnic, and watch the sunset.

3. Wander the Moscow farmers market

Every Saturday from May to October, Main street of Moscow, ID is closed down to hold a farmers market. They have fresh produce, art, and souvenirs your family and friends won’t be able to resist.

4. Rent Bikes

There are tons of trails to bike near Pullman and it is a great way to get outdoors on a sunny day. Paradise Creek Bicycles is a store to rent from with good prices.

5. Enjoy a scoop of Ferdinand’s ice cream

Ferdinand’s is located on campus and has a variety of delicious flavors to try. The atmosphere is very welcoming so it is a great place to stop and take a break for a treat. Be sure to grab a can of cougar gold cheese on your way out!

6. Play games at Mr. X Gaming Cafe

If you are with friends or anyone adventurous, try playing video games at this retro cafe in downtown Pullman.

7. Visit the WSU Bear Center

Observe the grizzly bears at WSU in their outdoor enclosures. An educational and fun way to entertain your guests.

8. Drive to Palouse Falls

If you have time to drive an hour and a half away from campus, consider visiting Palouse Falls! It has been deemed the national waterfall of Washington and has great photo ops along with hiking trails.

9. Pick flowers at a garden

Stratton’s Cutting Garden and Sunshine Crafts and Flowers in Pullman are a few of the flower gardens you can visit.

10. Look at art in the WSU Museum of Art

An easy access attraction on campus that is perfect to visit before a football game. The exhibits change occasionally so there is always something new to see!