You Know You Go To WPU When...

1.  If you have a WP magnet on your car, it’s been stolen, or you have stolen someone else’s too. Don’t try to lie, we’ve all wanted the new mini ones.



2. Javier, the most important friend to make on campus, knows your order at the ‘W’. We’ve all had those late night runs to the ‘W’ after our nightly adventures, and Javier is always there with a smile on his face. If you haven’t met Javier, you’re missing out!


3. You’ve hung out in the ‘U’ when you were a Freshman. It’s the number one place to go if you like music and late night hangout sessions.



4. PARKING. Need I say more? We all know it takes over 30 minutes to find parking during the week anywhere on campus, unless you want to pay an arm and a leg for the parking garage. 




5. You expect to see all of Greek life during Common Hour. Plus, you have to wait in a hella’ long line because everyone and their mother is getting food at the Student Center. 




Yes, WPU students’ often complain about the campus. What we all should realize is that our college experiences may be different, but we can all relate to the same things that together makes WPU a unique place, even after we graduate.