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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WPUNJ chapter.

Balancing school, work, and social life can get overwhelming, especially during midterms. Once the semester hits the halfway mark, students feel really burnt out and tired. It’s hard to remain focused with a negative mindset. Now more than ever, we need to utilize healthy methods to manage our stress. So how can William Paterson students stay positive and productive? Here are three of my favorite ways to reduce stress on campus.

  1. The Counseling, Health, and Wellness Center

The Counseling, Health, and Wellness Center is a great resource for mental health! Sometimes, the best way to destress is to talk about your problems. The counseling center provides a safe space for students to vent and receive guidance. During my junior year, I attended individual and group counseling sessions for my anxiety, and they were super helpful. All of the counselors were very kind and insightful. They provided me with a variety of techniques and tools that I still use to this day.

  1. The Wightman Gym

Exercise is one of my favorite ways to destress. It’s a healthy way to take a break from everything. I always feel better about myself after a good workout. William Paterson University offers two places for students to exercise: the Wightman Gym and the Rec Center. Both options are great, but it all comes down to personal preference. Some prefer the latter because it’s bigger and has three basketball courts. The Rec Center also holds wellness events. For example, they recently invited students to “shoot their stress away” during a night of free throws and prizes. Personally, I prefer the Wightman Gym because it’s closer to the residence halls and it’s usually pretty empty. 

  1. Mental health events

WPU holds many health events, especially during midterms and finals. My favorite is when they bring dogs on campus! As a college student who misses their pet, I always welcome the opportunity to pet a cute dog or cat. I also enjoy crafty wellness events. Whether it’s making a zen garden or coloring a printed page, I like channeling my stress into a creative outlet. Through crafting events, people can lower their stress levels and take a souvenir something home.

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