How To Make a Hangover Suck Less

Hangovers. The instant payback of a goodnight. All most every college student has had one of those nights where things just went too far. Sadly, there is no real cure to a hangover but there are a tips to make it more bearable. 

Step 1:


Water is the best solution before drinking, during drinking and the next morning. As you down those shots make sure you down bottle of water too. Water is the natural remedy to everything, so drink that up.


Step 2:

Eat a greasy breakfast.

I know one of the last thing that anyone wants to do is eat but the grease in fatty food absorbs the alcohol in the system. So eat those pancakes, eggs and omelets up. 


Step 3:

Drink Sprite or seltzer

Like with any upset stomach fizzy, carbonated drink helps subside the nausea.


Step 4:

Fight it

Go out for a walk or if you are feeling ambitious run. Exercise lets out endorphins so it doesn’t do much but it boosts your mood a bit.

Step 5: 


The body needs to repair itself. With that being said if all else fails just sleep. It is okay to curl into bed and forget about the headache.