The End of the Semester: Featuring Our Favorite Group of "Friends"

If you are obsessed with the hit sitcom Friends like I am then you must already be done binge watching all the seasons on Netflix. In honor of the end of the semester being so close, here are our feelings about finally finishing, with some memorable funny moments from our favorite Friends.


Okay, so there are only 2 WEEKS left! We can totally do this! 

But then... we look over our finals schedule.

And we realize that maybe we might have to do a little more studying than we thought...

Oh, and don't forget about that research paper...

Now the confidence is gone, and the anxiety is kicking in.

But then the weekend comes! Our friends invite us out to get our mind off the reality of the end of the semester.

But then we get a little too tipsy at the party and start to realize the importance of finishing the semester strong...

So come finals week, we study hard and actually do pretty well!

And finally it's summer! We can kick back, relax and do what we do best...

... because we survived this semester!


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