Blossoming into Spring: Starting the Day Right


The best way to start the day is to get a good stretch in. Stretching helps increase flexibility, strengthens posture and range of motion, decreases rick of injury, and improves energy levels. Stretching has been proven to decrease stress and anxiety. There are so many ways to add this to your routine! Don’t want to get out of bed? Guess what? You don’t need to! There are hundreds of YouTube videos on different stretching videos to guide you through the positions whether it’s on a yoga mat or in the comfort of your own bed!


Most Important Meal of the Day

We are always on the run. We are trying to get ahead of our schedules, run errands, and get work done, but that 8 AM coffee is not going to get you through the day. Making time in the morning to make a good breakfast during the hectic weekdays is not impossible. You might have to sacrifice that 30 extra minutes of sleep, but you'll be happy you did it. Having a fulfilling and nutritional meal in the morning can really make a difference in your day. Eating breakfast (that granola bar does not count) like oatmeal, eggs or egg whites will help maintain a full stomach until lunch time. It will increase your mood and help you stay focused. If you are not a breakfast person or always on the run, try preparing a fruit and veggie juice in the morning. Pineapple, mint, and kale is my favorite!


Dress to Impress

Simple things like a nice pair of shoes or the right outfit have the power to make us feel confident and ready to slay the day! I'm not one to put on a full face of makeup or dress to impress, but when I do it makes me feel empowered, beautiful, and strong. Ladies, dress up for YOU, not for anyone else!  Whether it is making the effort to dress nice or put on makeup, do what makes you happy. When you are happy with yourself, your self-esteem and confidence will be at its absolute best. Strut your stuff! Looking and feeling our best can truly help us have a positive outlook throughout the day.