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6 Tips to Reduce Stress

Can you believe two months out of the new year have already come and gone? Doesn’t it feel like yesterday when we were celebrating with our friends, counting down to the New Year, and kissing that complete stranger just for the hell of it? Sadly it is true, and time goes by more quickly than you think.

As the semester continues to unfold, and midterms loom in the background, you may start to feel the pressures of college life. So remind yourself that it’s important to take some time to enjoy the simple things in life. Don’t forget that taking some time for you is not only important but healthy too. You might think taking a break is completely unreasonable with that 5 page essay, case study PowerPoint, test on chapters 1-6, tennis practice, and of course dealing with everything else that college students deal with looming on the horizon, but having those little breaks in-between can be what makes or breaks you.

1. Getting rid of that guilt you feel for taking a break is number one on the list. It might seem ridiculous to get up and stretch a little and focus on something other than all of those daunting tasks, but believe it or not taking some time to recharge will leave you refreshed and ready to accomplish anything.

2. Take a break from that essay and invite some friends over for a night of drinks, games and much needed conversation. Have a heated round of War or have a physical game of Twister. You could even throw in a game of uncontrollable laughter with Cards Against Humanity!

3. Exercise has proven to be a great relaxer as well as providing much needed health benefits. Endorphins are released which help with keeping you happy. So get creative! Ride a bike, go for a hike, try some yoga, or even hit up some friends to go to the gym and do some partner exercises.  If you don’t feel like leaving the house, try doing crunches when a commercial comes on or use an exercise ball while on the computer; sit on it and it will start to engage your core muscles as well as improving that impeccable posture.

4. Sleeping is always an issue with college students, but with more sleep you will think more clearly and handle situations better. Try going to bed a half an hour earlier or if you have some free time during the day; take the much-needed 15-minute power nap. 

5. When you decide “I’ll do it later” or “I’ll get it done tomorrow,” you cause yourself unneeded stress. Just do it. Ease your mind by just doing it!

6. Eating foods heavy in grease and fat will cause you to feel lazy and sluggish. Try eating foods that are not processed (as processed foods cause your digestive system to slow down leaving you ultimately sluggish and depressed). Try eating more natural foods and definitely eating those greens you always tried to hide from your mother. If eating vegetables isn’t your favorite, try them mixed in a smoothie with fruits and yogurt. A diet switch-up has many benefits for not only leaving you energized but also making your hair healthy, your nails stronger, and giving you that radiant glow.











Valissa Hicks is a senior at WPUNJ, currently majoring in communications, with an emphasis on public relations and minoring in professional sales. She is graduating in Spring 2016 and cannot wait to start her professional career!  Her ultimate career goal is to be an event planner/coordinator for major corporations or possibly work under major event planners in NYC. Being a huge sports lover and a die hard Giants and Devils fan, she would love to experience something in that area as well. Traveling the world and understanding people better is something she hopes to accomplish as well. She is up for any challenge that comes her way and is always happy to help a person in need. Currently residing in Rockland County, NY with her grandparents, Scout (her puppy), her older brother and sister. She loves reading, fashion, makeup and food! Cooking and baking are an integrate part of her life and loves creating new recipes for her friends and family to try. 
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