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5 Ways HCWPUNJ Keeps It Together During Sweater Weather

We don’t know about you guys, but us here at HCWPUNJ have got this whole transition thing down pat. We’re already a good halfway through the semester and that means the roadblock is almost upon us. You know, that time when it starts getting past the point of slightly nippy to full on jacket weather. That time where the novelty of all your classes and the dorms have worn off, and winter break is still a little too far ahead. 


So here are 5 ways that HCPUNJ Keep it together during sweat weather:.

1. Keep it sweet, sassy and classy one drink at a time.

Zing is a no calorie sweetner that is 100% au naturale ladies. That’s right, nothing fake about it! It’s an amazing sugar substitute that won’t mess your your sugar levels too much which means you won’t have that midday crash after you’ve caffeinated yourself that you might have had with otherwise. It’s derived from stevia which is more potent than sugar tenfold! A little definitely goes a long way. Nationals was kind enough to slip this in for us in our survival kits and are we loving!



2. Paint the town red, or brown, gold, green.

When the weekend hits we all know that a night out can really just loosen up some of the tension and axiety we hold around this time. Luckily nationals was one step ahead of us and sent us some amazing waterproof eyeshade/primer from NYC Color. In an assortment of colors and sheens it’s the perfect one stop product. A smokey eye is pretty much a no brainer with this product. 


3. Craft it up, Craft, Craft it up!

Crafting is no longer for the old and bored. Now it’s just for the bored. Just kidding. But Crafting is seriously such a good debrief, especially on those colder Saturdays when going out is simply not an option, but you want to feel productive! Some great and easy crafts to try are friendship bracelets, maybe painting a print for your ways or simply Tie dying a shirt. Look up Dorm room DIYS or check out some of our past articles like this one on some spring-like DIYS, never too early to start! Or maybe give it a go with some of these Pinterest DIY gifts. The world is your Oyster or maybe glue gun is more like it!


4. Volunteer/ Stay Up To Date On Real World Issues

A wise mind is one that understands it knows nothing, is pretty close to what Confuscious said. Collegiettes our time is now to stand up for ideals and progress we believe in. It’s pretty hot stuff to be passionate about real world issues and topic like She’s The First. She’s the First provides scholarships to girls in low-income countries, fostering first-generation graduates and cultivating the next generation of global leaders. Working closely with our international, locally-driven NGO partners, scholars are identified based on financial need, scholastic merit, and their potential to become positive influencers and leaders within their communities. Isn’t that amazing?!


5. Chipotle For DAYS

It’s a fact: Chipotle is Life. And yes, I want guac with that. Chipotle fulfills our soul, but know what fulfills it even more? BOGO Chipotle. That’s right, Nationals sent a whole bunch of chipotle buy one get one burrito, bowl or salad cards! Know what that means?! CHIPOTLE FOR DAYS!


HCWPUNJ is so grateful to all of Hercampus sponsors and plans on joining #gettingbackgivingback movement as should all of you!

Ana Valentin is a freshman at William Paterson with a wrong major in Environmental Science but will be transferring in the spring to Elementary Special Education and English Creative Writing, She has a burning love for all things glitter, beautiful, and fashionable. You'll probably find her in the student cafe sucking down a machiatto. If you do, feel free to say hello. She likes those too.
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