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5 Ways to Get Some Exercise in During Busy Days

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WPUNJ chapter.

A lot of people have those days where they want to work out and want to do something physical, but simply don’t have the time. Whether it’s classes, work or other responsibilities there’s always a way to turn your daily “have-to’s” into mini workouts.Here are a few ways to do that, collegiate style:



  • (For HILLSIDE and CENTURY RESIDENT students): Instead of walking through the Overlook Roundabout shortcut to get from the middle of campus to the dorms, walk the road by the Science Buildings to work your legs


  • Take the stairs through all the buildings instead of using elevators. If you’re in a rush, walk fast (which will make your legs burn more).


  • While in long lecture classes, or at work (if your job requires a lot of sitting) you can do glute squeezes periodically throughout the time. They’re a great workout to do discreetly in your seat while providing effective result


  • During class breaks, or work breaks, small exercises like squats, lunges and calf raises can give you a good workout feel in the short break time.


(For those who don’t mind waking up a little earlier): If you really want to get a good workout in and you have a busy day ahead of you, wake up for class or work a little early and do a light workout. Small jog, quick full body workout or a quick workout video in the morning will get your day started with energy and a little healthy sweat.


The point is to get up and get moving.You don’t need to dedicate an hour, 15, 20, 30 mins is more than enough time to get an effective workout with determination and a desire to get going. The hardest part is starting. You never regret a workout and that’s a fact. So get moving!



I'm a Communications major at William Paterson University. This is my first semester here as a freshman and I'm new to writing for Her Campus.
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