If College Majors were Alcoholic Drinks

The English Major

The English major is a classy mojito. They’re sweet and unique, like their major is.

The Engineering Major

The Engineering Major is a shot of tequila. It’s called to-kill-ya for a reason.

The Education Major

The Education Major is definitely beer. It’s easy to make, and easy to finish.

The Communications Major

The Communications Major is definitely a glass of wine. Sometimes it’s sweet, sometimes it’s bitter.

The Art Major

The Art Major is definitely a rum and Coke. It’s easy to go down.

The Nursing Major

The Nursing Major is a Mike's Hard Lemonade. You wake up the next day with a crazy headache.

The Business Major

The Business Major is a dirty martini. Taking accounting definitely did you dirty.

The Chemistry Major

The Chemistry Major is whisky. You think you can handle it, but in reality you can’t.

The Aviation Major.

The Aviation Major is a margarita. You thought it’d be sweet and easy, but in reality it hits harder than it looks.