What to Wear on Thanksgiving: Feast & Look Chic

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and while most of us are dreaming about delicious stuffing, succulent turkey, and rich mashed potatoes, we still have to figure out what to wear! The number one things to keep in mind while picking out an outfit for Thanksgiving are: warmth, a way to hide your food baby, comfort, and how formal you need to dress. Read on to discover easy ways to feast and look chic this Thanksgiving, and click here to check out last year's article on food friendly outfits!

Edgy Layers

Wearing layers on Thanksgiving is a great way to hide a full belly--and to stay warm. A chunky scarf in a season-appropriate color and matching nails will finish off your ensemble. Make sure to stay warm with tights, a leather jacket (vegan!), and booties. Wear a knit skirt for added texture, and your edgy look is complete!

Sophisticated Chic

Against tights? Hate wearing dresses and skirts? Pants are always an option. Pick a pair with lots of stretch so that they're food friendly. Add a jacket with eye catching details to cover your midsection and to keep you nice and cozy. A beret, clutch, and black flats are classic add-ons to make any outfit look more sophisticated. Keep the outfit fall-appropriate by incorporating an autumnal color, like olive, burgundy, or gold.

Boho Casual

Create an Annie Hall inspired look by mixing menswear elements with boho pieces. Oxford shoes, a wide brimmed hat, and a long knit vest and perfect to pair with a lattice crop top for a casual Thanksgiving look. Worried about what you might look like after Thanksgiving dinner? It's all good, just cross your vest over your midsection or throw on a comfy loose sweater. Plus, your jeans will hide any evidence of feasting. High waisted jeans with super stretch are perfect for after a big meal: they cover your stomach while still allowing it to expand. Wear a pair that hit at your true waist (above your belly button), and you'll be ultra comfy.

They won't be sitting right on your belly, they'll be a little higher up, allowing for maximum comfort.