5 Food Friendly Fashion Tips for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and I’m sure you’re all wondering how to look cute and still hide the fact that you just stuffed your mouth with turkey, gravy, and stuffing! Here’s five tips on how your outfit can be food friendly this Thanksgiving Day! There’s also a video you can watch after the jump!

Tip #1: Wear prints rather than solids.

Wearing a solid colored top or skirt over a full belly will only emphasize it. Wear a printed top that’s not form fitting; the busy pattern will distract the eye and won’t serve to highlight how much food you just ate.

Tip #2: A boxy shift dress is comfortable and will hide anything.

Shift dresses are extremely versatile, but don’t wear a light, chiffon one. Instead, pick one that is made of a heavier material and is loose enough that it won’t cling to your body. Go for one on the shorter side; it will lend your look a 60s feel and won’t make you look like you’re wearing a sack. This is a very comfortable option because there is absolutely no waistline involved; if you’re looking for comfort, definitely go for a shift dress.

Tip #3: Avoid tucking in your shirt or sweater.

If you tuck your top into your skirt or jeans, it will only highlight your midsection. This is the time to leave your shirttails hanging out! Better yet, throw on an A-line skirt, a big cable-knit sweater, and feast away!

Tip #4: Keep your waistline free of constrictions.

You definitely want to avoid wearing a belt or pants with buttons. If you really don’t want anything constricting your waist, go for a shift dress or some sort of poncho or cape, preferably over a loose-fitting dress or pair of pants (boyfriend jeans are a great casual option, as they aren’t too tight, and usually sit a bit lower on the waist).

Tip #5: An A-line skirt will flatter a fuller figure.

If you’re going to a fancy dinner and you can’t get away with not tucking your shirt in, try to find a skirt or dress with an A-line shape. It will flatter any figure without covering you up, and you can still wear a loose shirt or sweater on top.