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The transfer process is considered to be a tiring and challenging process but a choice made by many college students to get a better college experience and move out of their comfort zone. A few months back, I made a similar choice and transferred from Drexel University in Philadelphia to William and Mary in Williamsburg. This transition brought mixed emotions to me as I was thrilled to join one of my dream schools but felt stressed and scared about moving to a new place in the middle of an academic year. This transfer process meant for me to try to understand myself better and what kind of academic environment fosters growth for me. I would recommend anyone who is planning on transferring to take the step and try to figure out what they truly look for in a school. The application process and choosing schools are the tedious part of the process but once that barrier has been crossed, it becomes easier through each step. 


My transition to William and Mary has been made so smooth because of the amazing orientation team who interacted, encouraged, and supported all the new students on campus with some amazing on-campus resources. Along with them, William and Mary’s faculty took effective precautions due to Covid-19 to make this transition smoother and memorable for all the students. Through the orientation activities over the week, I became part of the WM family and felt I belong in this community. 


Despite how challenging and stressful the transfer process might be, I would recommend anyone who is planning on transferring to go with the flow, enjoy the journey and understand yourself better. It is a great feeling to be part of something that you truly want. 


Good Luck with it!

I am a Sophomore at William and Mary majoring in Economics and Finance.
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