Making the Most of Winter

Once the excitement of the holidays passes and that first snowfall no longer looks so pristine, it is easy to remember that the winter months also mean minimal sunlight and some unbearably cold temperatures. For those of us in Williamsburg, along with the rest of the country, additional restrictions due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis means that one has to get a little more creative when thinking of ways to fight the occasional winter slump. To help get the ideas flowing, below are some ways to help you enjoy the winter season while still staying safe and healthy.


If you feel like being social…


… connect over Zoom! (or, if you’re sick of zoom, try a new video-chat platform)


We have all heard it before, but these days when in-person partying feels like a distant memory, virtually gathering can go a long way in reminding us how it feels to hang out with a group of friends, or even meet new people! 


… grab some friends and go on a walk!


Making sure that everyone feels comfortable of course, walking with a small group of friends is a safe and also engaging way to pass the time. Check the weather beforehand to see if you can find a sunny day, and then look into some of the trails around Williamsburg, roam the colonial district, or just do a few laps around campus to enjoy each other’s company. 


If you feel like some alone time… 


… watch a movie, read a book, or start a TV show!


If you feel like staying inside and maybe just relaxing for a bit, what better time to really get into that movie, book, or tv show you have been meaning to start? Cozy up with some blankets and hot chocolate and use the colder months to recharge while getting lost in a new Netflix series. 


… try a new recipe (or really any hobby)!


New hobbies are great ways to pass the time. Feel free to glance at this list of dorm-friendly recipes and see if anything inspires your inner-chef, but also if a new hobby sparks your interest do not hesitate to see where your fascination takes you. YouTube is an invaluable resource when it comes to finding free lessons on everything from watercolor painting to Russian, so spend some time browsing and see what you find!


Of course, there is plenty more that could be added to this list. What is most important is that we can all stay content and healthy while waiting for these colder days to pass, so take care of yourself, check in on your friends and family, and make the most of these next few weeks.