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LDR Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day, and while some of your friends are complaining about this being the worst time of year to be single and others are rejecting Valentine’s Day as nothing more than corporate manipulation by greetings card companies, you have a more pressing problem. You have a significant other, and they are great. However they are on the other side of the state/country/world and just too far away to think about visiting without going into your over draft or it taking longer to get there than the amount of time you would actually get to spend together. Here’s a couple of ways you can deal with this…

1)     Pretend it’s not Valentine’s Day.

This may be difficult as the love heart decorations are everywhere, but for you it just isn’t Valentine’s Day without your significant other. If you’re lucky enough to be seeing your partner over Spring Break, good news– it’s only 3 weeks away! Go about your day on February 14th like it’s any other day of the year and celebrate Valentine’s Day properly when you can finally be with the one you love.

2)     Celebrate with friends.

Galentine’s Day is a real thing (just watch Parks and Rec) and this is the only way you need to celebrate! Surround yourself with friends and food, wear your Valentine’s Day outfit anyway, and put on that cheesy love playlist. If you’re making long distance work, you don’t need a specific day to tell them you love them – so use this day to make your friends know how much they mean to you. Check out our article on how to have the best Galentine’s Day!

3)     Have a date via skype.

Ah, the power of internet communication. If you want to see and talk to your significant other on Valentine’s Day, you can do so via video chat. Yes, we know it’s not the same as a real date, but you can still tell each other how much you love and miss each other and check out how great they look even if it is just on your laptop screen. You can even synchronize your Netflix and watch your favorite film together at the same time– sadly they haven’t invented a way to cuddle through the internet yet, but this is the closest you’re going to get to a movie night together!

4)     Exchange gifts

You don’t have to spend tons of money, but we all know how great it feels to receive something in the mail, and a Valentine’s Day gift is next level excitement. Even if it’s just a card to tell your partner you’re missing them, they will definitely appreciate the gesture. You can even put a cute picture of the two of you on the front, or send them an I.O.U. for cuddles and a back rub so they can really look forward to seeing you again.

5)     There’s always Netflix and chocolate?

Time difference too much? Don’t feel like listening to your friends moan about their boyfriends who live just around the corner? Or just feeling emotional about being so far away from your significant other? Have a night to yourself! There is no shame in spending Valentine’s Day giving yourself a little TLC, and a night in bed with a hot chocolate and Netflix is completely acceptable!

Exchange student from Nottingham University in the UK currently studying American Studies and English at William and Mary. Aspiring PR and marketing queen.
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