The Five Stages of Registration, as Told by 'Parks and Rec' GIFs

It’s that dreaded time of year again - registration. These are the five stages you’ll go through from 6:50-7:05am as you pray for a halfway decent schedule for next semester.

1. Waking Up

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Registration begins with a 6:50am wake-up-call, and regrettably not one that you can afford to snooze. But you’re prepared - you wrote out your CRNs the night before, what could go wrong?

2. 7:00:01

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Panic begins to set in as you stare at the seconds on the clock in anticipation. No matter how much you’ve prepared, you can never really be ready for the adrenaline pumping dread that sets in at 7:00:01.

3. The Banner Crash

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Unsurprisingly, Banner has crashed and you now need to frantically refresh the page and open new tabs, praying you are the chosen one to have it come back online in a timely manner. If you’re anything like me, you’ll start throwing Leslie Knope compliments at your laptop in hopes that you can motivate it into working.

4. Emailing Professors Asking for Overrides

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After the inevitable Banner crash, you likely didn’t get into half the classes you intended to. Cue sending dozens of emails to professors espousing your passion for every class that sounds even remotely interesting. Be prepared to refresh your email every five minutes with no hope of prompt response.

5. When You Finally Look at What’s On Your Schedule

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It takes quite a bit of courage to muster up the strength to check how your schedule finally stacked up. After entering the random mismatch of classes you found that were open, you likely have an 8am lecture MWF and class from 9:30-5:00 TR. Better luck next year!

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