Fall into Fashion

As the season changes, we pull out our leggings, sweaters and boots to prepare us for the cold weather approaching. But remember--just because you have some new additions to your wardrobe doesn’t mean you have to pack up your summer clothes just yet. An open knit sweater is a comfortable and basic necessity that keeps you cozy and looking ready to go. The beauty with basics is that you have the opportunity to accessorize- so why not start the fall with a floppy hat? 

Colors to look for this fall include burgundy, navy, olive green and chestnut brown. Transition your spring skirt for the fall by pairing it with a “fall” colored top, stockings and a scarf that will keep you warm. You can take an outfit like this a couple months into fall with a solid colored sweater, its thickness consistent with the temperature. Be cautious not to let patterns clash when layering, but use the opportunity to experiment with color combinations. Another thing to remember with adding more visible layers is to stay simple with accessories so that you don’t overwhelm the outfit.

Moving into fall is every girl’s excuse to bring out the leggings. Fall is basically an excuse to wear athletic wear and call it fashionable. Depending on the event, you can dress leggings up by wearing a longer top or sweater. The sky is the limit with fall fashion, also bringing in an array of boots to choose from. To many, comfy beats cute, but who said you can’t have both? Don’t eliminate the idea of a heel. They may look more difficult to walk in, but based on the style of boot, a shorter solid heel can actually feel more secure. Life hack for shoes— if a style works for you, purchase it in other colors. We all do it, and no one else will notice.

Finally, we can’t ignore the dress— the easiest outfit to put together, and one of the most elegant. The business events and parties won’t come to an end this fall, so keep a couple full sleeved or sweater dresses in your closet ready to go. A dark colored and fitted dress looks classy and shows off your form. Paired with a nice pair of heels and you’re dressed to impress. 

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