5 Days Vegetarianism at William and Mary

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When I tell people that I am a vegetarian, their first reaction is normally incredulity.  How can it be possible to be healthy or happy as a vegetarian on a college campus?  In fact, it is quite easy, and as you’ll see by looking at what I ate over the past 5 days, it can be quite yummy.  As with anything, there is some repetition.  Sadler serves similar meals, and in order to get protein, I resort to eggs and chickpeas all the time (because I personally don’t like beans).  But, as you can see, I can eat both healthy food and delicious food as a vegetarian at college.


Breakfast: potatoes, vegan pancakes with syrup..

Lunch: noodle bowl cherry tomatoes

Dinner: noodle bowl from Student Exchange, garlic knot’s from sal’s

Late Night Snack: veggie quesadilla from qdoba, plus a San Pellegrino


Breakfast: cinnamon raisin bagel

Lunch: pizza

Dinner: carrots, juice


Breakfast: n/a

Lunch: cheese fries/pizza/carrots/hashbrowns

Dinner: salad with EGGS (protein!)


Breakfast: n/a

Lunch: salad, potatoes, chickpeas

Dinner: egg salad sandwich, tofu, salad


Breakfast: n/a

Lunch: barbecue chips, caprese panini, mixed fruit, cinnamon toast crunch

Dinner: salad, egg salad sandwich, and rice

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