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3 New Makeup/Skincare Products to Check Out for Spring 2021

Recently I’ve struggled with makeup inspiration and products I can wear under my mask. I can’t wear my favorite lipstick without it smudging and my makeup always transfers to the mask. In the past couple of months, I’ve also tried to find skincare that doesn’t aggravate my skin while wearing a mask. Luckily, I’ve found some great products that don’t cause any of the above issues.


  1. The NYX Shine Loud High Shine Lip Color:

This lipstick-lip gloss combo is killer. On one side is the potent lipstick, which doesn’t flake, crumble, or transfer once dry. The other side is the nourishing lip gloss which creates a beautiful luscious glass-like texture over the lips. I wore this throughout eating, drinking and continuously wearing my mask. The color did not smudge or become messy once, with the gloss being the only missing piece at the end of the day. But beware, the lipstick is so heavy duty that it will take some coconut oil and elbow grease to remove it at night time. 

  1. The Kiss My Face Face Factor 50 SPF Sunscreen:

Contrary to popular belief, just because it’s winter, does not mean that UV light can’t do damage to your skin. After finishing my first sunscreen, I searched for a vegan, cruelty free product that would prevent any skin damage. I have super sensitive skin, so much so that even “sensitive skin ” targeted skincare causes massive hives and breakouts. But this sunscreen has been perfect. It’s not greasy, moisturizing and gives a beautiful glow to the skin. It looks fabulous under makeup while simultaneously protecting your skin. It sinks right in and has no white cast. I would highly recommend it.

  1. The Weleda Skin Food Original Ultra-Rich Cream:

As someone who struggles with extremely dry skin and eczema, the only thing that could adequately moisturize my skin previously was pure petroleum jelly. But now with this new cream, I don’t need to slather my skin in Vaseline. This cream is super thick and rich, where a little goes a long way. I take a nickel-sized amount to cover my face and neck, leaving my face glowing and soft. My eczema patches have minimized and overall I feel more comfortable in my skin. The cream has scents of chamomile and calendula, but it’s not too strong or irritating. Overall it has been a lifesaver after some particularly bad allergic reactions.

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