You're More than Your Grades

To Someone Who Needs to Hear This,

You are more than your grades. Yes, you are worth more than acing a class and maintaining the perfect GPA.

In high school, it is instilled in us that we need to have the best grades to get into the college of our dreams — which is true — but for some of us, that mentality sticks throughout our undergrad too. However, this mentality can sometimes be toxic — so toxic that you spend an exorbitant amount of time stressing about grades that in the end, will hopefully not matter in five years.

Now, I am not saying to not care about your grades. You should always try your best in all of your classes — even that history class you absolutely hate. However, trying your hardest, unfortunately, does not always equal a 4.0. Putting in hours and hours of studying, probably with some blood, sweat and tears too, isn’t always reflected in a grade report.

Instead of letting this get you down, though, remind yourself of all the great things you have learned by being a good student.

While those long nights studying in the library didn’t lead to a 100 percent on the exam, you learned how to actually study and what methods do and do not work for you. You also learned how to take responsibility for your own future and put forth the effort to go after something you really want.


So whether it’s a test or your final grade, remember that grades aren’t everything, and you shouldn’t put so much pressure on yourself thinking they are! Even if outcome the doesn’t reflect all of your efforts, always be proud of yourself for giving it your all.