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​Your Essential Guide to Raising Plants in a Small Space

It’s spring--time to get planting! You’re probably thinking, “Wait, I live in an apartment/dorm, and I don’t have a backyard. I will definitely not be planting anything.” But, before you completely rule out gardening this spring, check out these easy ways to have a beautiful mini garden in your small space.

The first thing to know is that not all plants must be grown from seeds. Most grocery stores have tiny potted plants in their floral sections, or you can stop by your local plant nursery. Here are some ideas for what plants to look for and how to care for them:

Ivy: Once this gets growing, you will have luscious green leaves lining your windowsill, and you will love it. For optimal growth, Ivy needs sun so put it on your windowsill or anywhere that gets sunlight. It should also be watered regularly, but allow it to dry slightly between each watering. A good tip is to feel the soil at the base of the plant about a day after you water to check if it is dry.  

Orchids:  Orchids, like Ivy, should be watered regularly and allowed to slightly dry out. Again, feel the soil to know for sure.  These also need sunlight to really thrive, so set them next to your ivy on the windowsill! They’ll add a fresh pop of color to your space.

Succulents: These cuties usually need a half to full day of sunlight. Just like Orchids and Ivy, succulents should be watered regularly, but should, again, dry out slightly between waterings. There are so many different types of succulents, you could make a garden with just these little guys! See how to here.

Food: If you love cooking and all your activities revolve around food (AKA me), why not have a plant in your room that you can also eat? You could grow a herb like mint, which needs regular water and indirect sunlight or rosemary, water regularly and trim as needed. Or, you could try something with a little more substance.

Surprisingly, dwarf mandarin trees are perfect for growing indoors.  They are beautiful, nutritious, and not too hard to care for. Just make sure they get plenty of sunlight and water as needed.Another fun way to experiment with growing plants inside is with these growing kits from Urban Agriculture Co! The order includes a little box of seeds, a bag of organic soil, and a plant container made from recycled tea bags to get you started on your home garden.And as if you need more of an incentive to start growing other than the beauty and nutrition your plants will bring, check out these pretty little pots that will brighten the aesthetic of your room:

Anthropologie: $14-16Anthropologie: $14-24

Urban Outfitters: $22So, embrace the spring sunshine and get planting! The greenery and fresh colors will not only help your mood but will also give your small space a much-needed pick me up. 

Cate Wilkinson

Wisconsin '20

Cate graduated from UW - Madison in May 2020 with a degree in Microbiology with a certificate in French. She is very passionate about health, wellness, sustainability and communication about these topics!
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