Why Walking to Class in the Cold is the Absolute Worst, as Told by Friends

The only thing worse than waking up on a Monday morning and running to your 8:50 a.m. class is realizing you have to trudge through snow and ice in the 20-degree weather on the way!

When you wake up and check the weather, your day is automatically ruined.

After the idea of walking through the cold sets in, you spend an extra 5 minutes trying to figure out if going to class is really worth it. Why leave your warm bed if you don’t absolutely have to?

After you settle your internal argument about going to class, you inevitably spend 30 minutes putting on all of your layers before walking out the door — only take them off immediately after you get to class.

Now, we can all suck it up and walk to class in the cold. What we can’t do is walk to class when there is ice. If you're brave enough, be prepared to have your life flash before your eyes as you slip and fall on ice. Let’s also take this time to appreciate everyone who just stared at you as you fell.  

If you survive your walk, you’ll undoubtedly show up to class with tears streaming down your face — thanks to the cold. While you’re probably crying on the inside anyway, no one really needed to see it.

Hey, at least no one will see your cold-induced tears when you’re walking home at 4 p.m., considering it’s probably already pitch black outside.

But, there are some perks. Honestly, one of the best parts of walking home from class in the cold is when you finally make it inside — it's like a sauna. We’ve never been so thankful for our furnace.

When the temperatures get below freezing though, class should become optional. If you are brave enough to go, don’t worry; you only have three to four more months of the cold left!