Weekend Fun When You're Under 21

As the weekend rolls around, many first and second-year students are faced with the issue of what to do if they are under 21 and cannot enter bars. Despite the bar scene being one of the main attractions off campus, there are various other activities that one can do over the weekend in Madison if they are not 21. From art museums to live concerts, Madison offers a variety of fun activities to explore on the weekends.

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If you find yourself looking for activities that include art rather than beer, you’re in luck. Madison is home to two FREE art museums! The first is the Chazen Art Museum located on University Avenue. This museum has gorgeous art pieces of all different mediums as well as live music on the first Sunday of every month. Another is the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art located on State Street. This museum hosts all kinds of events from art talks to art classes, and it's all conveniently located on campus.

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If the art scene is not your style, there are various music concerts and movie showings going on all throughout campus. The Memorial Union Terrace located on Langdon Street offers live music concerts every week. Their shows range from Bachata to karaoke night, and one can enjoy it all next to beautiful Lake Mendota. Another location that provides music and movies is Union South located on Dayton Street. Union South offers free film screenings in the Marquee Theatre, and they are currently scheduled to show upcoming films such as Hereditary, Love Simon and Oceans 8. At the Union, you can also take advantage of $5 bowling and $6 rock climbing!

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If you enjoy walking around downtown or shopping, then State Street is the place for you! Some stores on State Street include Urban Outfitters, RagStock and Francesca's. It also offers restaurants, boutiques, ice cream shops and a lovely outdoor park. The Dane County Farmers Market is located at the top of State Street on the Capitol Square every Saturday morning.

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As you can see, Madison offers a wide variety of activities for those under 21. Whether you choose to listen to music on the Terrace or enjoy a shopping spree on State Street, enjoy all that Madison has to offer!