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Vitamins You Should Pay Attention To Right Now

We are perhaps one of the strongest group of collegiettes out there, having survived a brutally cold Wisconsin winter… yet again.  However, as the warm spring weather teases us with its early, but welcoming arrival, there are a few things to keep in mind for your health.  For example, how many of you find that you actually get sick when the weather turns warmer, but you made it just fine in January?  The transitional weather can make lots of people sick, but there are vitamins and certain foods to look out for to help strengthen your immune system.  Those germs have got nothing on you, Badgers!

Vitamin D

I cannot even begin to stress how important this vitamin is.  First of all, it is very difficult to obtain through diet, and it’s commonly called the “sunshine vitamin” as our bodies mainly synthesize it upon exposure to sunlight.  Since us Midwest gals get less sun than most with the dark, cold and long winters, it is especially important to get outside for at least 30 mins everyday.  Now is the time to truly enjoy a stroll along the Lakeshore Path.  Just to be sure to wear proper SPF!  Other than that, vitamin D can also be found in some fatty fish like salmon and tuna.


Warmer weather means we have regained our fitness motivation with the ability to finally exercise outside.  A sluggish winter means we may feel “out of shape,” upon getting back to our routine and this makes us more prone to injuries like sprains while running.  We have no excuse not to keep our bones and muscles strong.  We have delicious Babcock milk to choose from for goodness sake! Many dieticians have even stated that milk is the best post-workout recovery drink.

Vitamin C

This one may be an obvious one, but worth reiterating nonetheless.  Besides, this vitamin is found in arguably some of the tastiest and sweetest fruits like clementines, lemons, grapefruit, and oranges.  Find a way to incorporate them with at least two meals a day, or as a snack between classes.  For those of us with an insatiable sweet tooth, getting on the vitamin C bandwagon should be no problem. 

Vitamin B12

If you’re looking for that extra edge during this glorious season of midterms, look no further than vitamin B12.  This vitamin helps to support brain and central nervous system function, as well as help fight off depression and fatigue. In fact, many young adult females are deficient in this vitamin, and many more actually have to get shots regularly at their doctor’s office.  This is a concern worth checking out at your next appointment, but until then you can obtain vitamin B12 from foods like cheese, eggs, red meat, and fortified cereals.  

So there you have it! These are only a handful of some really essential vitamins to pay particular attention to, but as always, a well-rounded diet is always the best way to go.  Getting all your necessary vitamins will help you be your best and healthiest self!

Michelle Motyl is a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin-Madison double majoring in Biology and Journalism. Her role models include Meredith from Grey’s Anatomy and Giuliana Rancic of E! News. Michelle believes her big city hometown of Chicago is second-to-none, and can be heard sharing random thoughts on her Twitter @MeeshtheKeesh. In her spare time, she enjoys reading the newest YA romance novels while sipping on skinny vanilla lattes, believing that the best men you will meet in life are those you find in books, not bars.
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