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Valentia Coffee: A New Coffee Shop in Town

Let’s face it- college students would not survive without coffee. And at the University of Wisconsin, when it is almost a competition to find a spot in Colectivo or Starbucks, students need to have multiple options when setting out to study for the day. Well, good news collegiettes, there’s a new coffee shop in town!


For over ten years, CoffeeBytes had been the lone coffee shop in the very center of the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. Located on University Square, there is little space for new business expansion. So when the owners, Jean and John Wilson, decided to retire, the space was quickly bought by a younger couple with big ideas for their new business.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/valentiacoffee/posts


David and Sarah Hale, the new owners of what is now Valentia Coffee, just opened their doors before the start of this UW school year and are already seeing the potential for success. The menu is now primarily coffee and specialty drinks, with a small (but very delicious) selection of food. The owners source their coffee through a local coffee roaster called Rusty Dog. The coffee is also reasonably priced, which is something fairly difficult to find downtown.


Source: https://www.channel3000.com/madison-magazine/dining-and-drink/new-madiso…


Valentia offers everything a college student would need-caffeine, convenience, and acceptable prices, but what about study space? If you have visited Coffee Bytes, you might remember that the shop itself is fairly small. A small space, in addition to a very well-trafficked route on campus, obviously results in a “competitive” study spot. However, the new design of the shop has light colors, many large tables, and has enough coffee brewing that you might think you are inhaling the caffeine.


Source: https://www.facebook.com/pg/valentiacoffee/posts/

Overall, Valentia is a great place to spend your study hours; just be careful to get there before class lets out or you may be waiting a while for your caffeine fix.

Allie Helein

Wisconsin '21

Sophomore at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying Dietetics and Psychology