The Ultimate Guide to Essential Oils

I’ve been using essential oils for about five years now, and they’ve become such a beneficial and positive aspect of my lifestyle. They’ve improved my overall health and have helped me through everyday life. Whenever I’ve feel stressed, sick or bothered by the worst headache, my oils were there for me. If you're hesitant to try essential oils or have no clue what they do, have no fear — this guide will teach you all the basics!  Here is a breakdown of all of my favorite oils, and they are perfect for anyone who's just starting out. (There are different brands to try out, but I highly recommend Young Living Essential Oils).


1. Lavender

Lavender is an absolute classic, since its calming aroma induces relaxation and a sense of serenity. Use this oil to calm down in times of stress (which is always, if you’re like me). Lavender is also useful for nights when you can’t fall asleep. You can also use lavender directly on any scars, sunburn, cuts, burns and insect bites for relief.


2. Thieves

This oil is inspired by a 15th-century legend about robbers who used the scent to steal from the dead, hence its name. It's hands down my favorite oil! With a blend of different scents (Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary), this oil is the ultimate disinfectant. There is absolutely no need for chemical cleaning formulas when you have this natural germ-killer. Spread the aroma throughout your home, apartment or dorm room to get rid of any germs or mold. You can also use this oil to treat any cold or flu; it can help prevent you from getting sick and reduce the length of a cold tremendously.  Basically, this kills almost any germ you can think of.


3. Tea Tree

Tea Tree is an oil that some people might already be familiar with. It’s typically used in toners to help reduce blemishes. Tea Tree oil is a great addition for any beauty guru's skincare routine. You can blend the oil with other skin products or use it directly for more strength. I put it directly on blemishes a couple times a day. It clears redness and bumps on your face and leaves your skin clear and refreshed.


4. Lemon

This is where you’ll need a diffuser. Lemon is a great diffusing oil and is commonly used as a substitute for an air freshener. You simply can’t go wrong with a lemon-fresh aroma. It keeps you refreshed and brightens your mood. It also pairs perfectly with a warm cup of green tea — I never need to buy lemons or go through the trouble of cutting them up when I can easily put a drop of this oil in my tea.


5. Peppermint

This is one of the first oils I’ve ever used — my mom suggested that I use an essential oil when I was having a horrible headache. It turns out that mothers really do know best because my headache went away instantly — the oil worked better than any aspirin! Peppermint has so many different types of uses. Its potent scent reduces any nausea or travel sickness; it also reduces sinuses and stuffy noses with just a simple inhale. The smell is so strong, I even use it to wake myself up in the morning. This is also another great oil to put in tea — but only in moderation, since it's very concentrated!


6. Frankincense

Upgrade your beauty regimen and pamper yourself with this oil. Frankincense helps overall skin health, blisters and stretch marks; it’s a key component in maintaining healthy skin. A zit will go away with the direct use of this oil. Its potent, earthy aroma also improves concentration and collective thoughts for meditation. It’s a great oil with great benefit, especially if you're someone who procrastinates, like me.


Although each of these oils come with different benefits, they all improve overall health. A healthy mindset is vital, especially for college students. You might start out skeptical; but before you know it, you’ll have a whole collection of them — I have a whole cabinet dedicated to my oils!  But, make sure when you purchase these oils that you buy a brand that is ingestible! Another tip: purchase a diffuser so you can spread an oil’s scent throughout your home, apartment or dorm room. It’s a superb way to clean out the air and keep your living space refreshed. I definitely recommend you try some out if you think any of these oils' purposes will benefit you!