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Top 10 Best Late-Night Eating in Madison

I am a huge fan of late-night eating. I know that it’s bad and my mom always makes really passive aggressive comments when I talk to her about my nights that end with eating, but I’ve embraced it as I know most people have. After my two years as a student at Madison, here is a definitive ranking of the best late-night restaurants. Disclaimer: I really love pizza, don’t judge me.


10. Asian Kitchen

There is something about crappy chinese food at 2 am that just makes everyone happy, but Asian Kitchen is kind of out of the way, and their delivery is not the fastest. If you can wait an hour for your midnight snack, God bless your soul.


9. Toppers

Toppers is good, I won’t lie, and I know there are some people who would do unspeakable things for an order Topperstix, but it is by far the least desirable pizza option on this list, and again, their delivery is not nearly fast enough.

8. Jimmy John’s

I honestly think it’s their speed that makes me like them so much. Also, if you’re trying to “be healthy” and you absolutely must drunch (drunk + munch), Jimmy John’s is definitely a better choice than fries or a pizza. Too bad it doesn’t taste like fries or a pizza.


7. Wings Over Madison

Honey BBQ smothered breaded chicken with waffle fries. ‘Nuff said.


6. Wendy’s

Can we take a moment to appreciate State Street’s newest addition? It is convenient and delicious and is already a major player in the late-night scene. I recently had my first Wendy’s experience ever and I’m pretty sure my introduction to this haven is going to be pretty dangerous.

5. Domino’s

Their garlicy, perfectly thick crust and zesty sauce is maybe one of my favorite things in the world. I start my night excited about the possibility of getting Domino’s. I don’t mind waiting for it, but others do and so the only downfall is the delivery- Domino’s on University just below Equinox apartments is definitely not a scene.


4. Pizza Di Roma

Not only is their pizza amazing, but also they have so many options I hardly know what to do with myself when I walk in. If you haven’t had their mozzarella sticks, you’re doing it wrong.


3. JD’s

I was having trouble finding words to describe the deliciousness that is the fried chicken sandwich, which is a perfect combination of spicy, crispy, and hot so I asked my friend how she felt about it and she responds, “Ugh. Heaven.” I feel that is an accurate description so I will leave it at that.


2. Qdoba



1. Ian’s

Is this really a surprise to anyone? Not only is it cheap, but also their BBQ chicken bacon ranch pizza (aka Smokey the Bandit) is just perfect. Obviously you can’t go wrong with Mac and Cheese pizza either because, well, do I have to explain why cheese pizza topped with cheese pasta is good? Also, the ranch.

To be honest, the real number one is Gumby’s. But, since it no longer exists I can’t put it on the list because that would just be teasing you guys, especially those who never got to have it. Pokey sticks though….

Sophomore at UW Madison from Los Angeles, California.
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