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Thoughts While Doing Yoga

Yoga is known for being a great way to connect the mind, body, and spirit…well, in theory at least! Those of you yoga novices (like myself) know that in practice, it isn’t always that easy. I recently tried a one-month trial at a local hot yoga studio, and here’s what happened as a result: 

I am so ready for this class! I am going to be a kick-ass yogi!!

Wait, am I supposed to be sweating this much before class has even started??

Why don’t I look as good as everyone else? Is it their outfits? I need to buy new yoga clothes!!

Yeah, there is no way I can bend like that. Nope.

Another chaturanga flow? I think I’ll just meet you guys in down dog.

Controlled breathing? Okay, I can do that!

Are my limbs supposed to be shaking like Jell-o?

Now I’m supposed to stand on my head?? Right, because that is something I can definitely do.

Is it frowned upon to fall asleep during final savasana?

Is it over? Am I finally done?

So, that wasn’t my best practice ever, but hey, there’s always next week!

Yoga can be frustrating, but remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your yoga skills won’t either! Be patient and have fun!


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