Staying Positive in The Midst of The Holiday Season

For most, the holiday season is one to rejoice and celebrate! The mere thought of Christmas brings joy and old memories. However, for some, the holiday season can be sad and disheartening. Whatever position you’re in, I want you to know that you’re not alone. Here is some tangible advice on how to remain positive in the midst of this holiday season.



I know from my own experience, suffering from loss, disease, devastation and brokenness can taint and scar what should be a wholesome holiday season. However, I’ve figured out throughout the years how to remain positive.


It’s important to get back to the heart of this holiday season. This time of year is about letting the ones you care most about know they’re loved. You can do that through generous gift-giving, or simply by sharing intimate memories with them. A time full of laughter and hugs can be more precious than any gift offered.


I’ve seen this in my own life. My father lives in a group home due to a debilitating disease he has. It can really make Christmas hard, as he cannot walk or move easily. When I visit my dad though, his face immediately lights up. In those times we laugh and reminisce on old, precious memories. The time spent with my dad is the most humbling Christmas gift I could ever receive, and I get to experience it every year!


I also want to encourage you to bless others who may not have a family. The saying “you will be blessed by blessing others” is actually very true. When I’m at my father’s group home, I’m able to talk and spend time with the other men in the home too. Many of these people often don’t have much of a family, so putting a smile on their face and making them laugh isn’t only a gift to them, but truly a gift to me as well.


For those who struggle with going back home for the holidays, I would encourage you to spend time with your friends. Thankfully, we get to pick our friends, and sometimes they may know us better than our own family does. If your background is from a broken home, be encouraging to what family you do have by being a joyful spirit, but also give yourself some joy by spending time with your beloved friends.


Going home for the holidays can be tough for a multitude of reasons, however, getting back to the heart of this season and spending time with the ones you care about most will get you through this time. You also know how it feels around this time of year, so go and bless someone else who may be feeling the same. Give back and you will receive a gift in return. Sometimes it isn’t about all the gifts or huge festivities, but it’s about giving to those in need and spending time with the ones you love most.