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Recap of my First Semester at UW-Madison

This year, I made the journey that many people choose to do, I left the comfort of my home and went to a new city to pursue my education. It has been three months of exploration and determination. I’ve met some wonderful people whom I hope to stay in contact with as well as have taken some very informative courses. Here’s how my first semester has gone!

I am the oldest in my family, therefore, the first of the kids to go to college. I didn’t have much guidance on what to expect as a first-semester college student. Therefore, in the beginning, I was quite frightened. One of the first things I discovered upon my arrival was that I had to step out of my comfort zone to make friends. That meant leaving my door open, talking to people on my floor and attempting to make friends in my classes.

Another thing I discovered was that you are going to meet people who seem like they have their whole life together, but in reality no one knows what they are doing, and everyone is there to help. Something else I slowly realized was that you honestly have so much liberation and freedom to do what you want, yet it is essential to understand why you came to UW-Madison in the first place and ultimately that’s for the education.

Something that has helped me in college this far is not comparing myself to others, because everyone is doing what they think is best for themselves. Therefore, you have to be a little selfish and consider the best option for you. One thing that helped me get through the semester being a new student is taking time for self-care and acknowledging when I deserve a break.


Despite coming from the Midwest, I honestly wasn't prepared for the cold. I didn't realize how much I would have to be walking in 20-degree weather. Therefore, it is necessary to bring all the essentials to survive a Wisconsin winter. Since going to a Big Ten school means that there will be many students from all over the world, it is vital to prepare yourself to meet individuals with very different backgrounds and experiences than yourself.

My first semester has been a journey that I am happy to have taken. It has been one that was filled with various emotions, yet one thing that I can confirm is that I love being a Badger. I am excited to continue my journey onto the next semester and continue to grow as a person. On Wisconsin!

Sofia Drotts

Wisconsin '22

My name is Sofia Drotts, I am a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I intend to major in Psychology with a concentration in criminal justice. I speak Spanish and I am from the city of Chicago. My interests include photography, writing, reading and listening to music.
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