My Hopes for 2017

There seems to be a consensus among people in the world that 2016 was a bust of a year. The ‘Brangelina’ breakup felt lighthearted in comparison to the all the utter chaos: Brexit, the divisive presidential race, encroaching climate change, and the terrorism close to home and across the globe. 

My apologies. I don’t mean to be discouraging. Despite the dysfunctions of 2016, I have hopes for 2017 to accomplish what 2016 didn’t. 

I hope that in 2017, violence will stop being the headline of every newspaper, every day. Both near and far, from my hometown of Milwaukee to the civil war-stricken Syria, violence was far too common in 2016. 

I hope that in 2017, my beautiful campus, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, will become a safe place where both men and women respect each other’s bodies, and where “no” always means “no.”   

I hope that in 2017, we can all make choices with our planet in mind. It’s the only planet we have to live in, but according to most researches, our decisions right now are affecting its lifespan.  

I hope that in 2017, regardless of what happens in the White House, we will all, as Americans, restore some shred of American pride. Though this election made the United States into the ‘divided states,’ I hope we can find a way to love and respect our fellow Americans and not bail so soon on a country that was built on liberty. 

I hope that in 2017, I achieve my goals and you achieve yours. I hope your year is blessed, healthy, and happy. I hope it’s your best year yet.