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Madison’s Winter Restaurant Week

Calling all food lovers! From now until Friday marks Madison’s Winter Restaurant Week. Twice a year, some of the finest restaurants across Madison offer select three course meals for only $15 for lunch and $25 for dinner. This glorious week allows poor college students to go out for a classy meal without paying the heavy price for it.

Being the foodie that I am, I highly recommend taking advantage of all the deliciousness this week has to offer. Here are my top five restaurants to hit this week. For the full list and restaurant menus, click here.


Bluephies is a little far off campus, but it is well worth the venture.


This one is HC Wisconsin tested and approved. It’s got great food and a fun Irish pub atmosphere.

Porta Bella

Located right off of State Street, this restaurant is the definition of classic Italian, making it perfect for a date night.

Rare Steakhouse

Raise your hand if there’s no way you could normally afford to go out for a nice steak…I’m guessing the majority of you are now sitting with your hand awkwardly raised in the air. This week, you can get a first class steak at a first class restaurant

Steenbock’s on Orchard

This elegant little place is right on campus in the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery. You can save time and money if you stop by this restaurant this week.

This week, ditch the frozen dinners and treat yourself to a nice meal at one of these fine restaurants! 

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