The Life-Saving Morning Routine Every College Student Needs


As crazy college students, we tend to write off mornings as essentially non-existent. Sleeping until 15 minutes before our 7:50 lecture seems like a no-brainer compared to waking up early — and yet, there is virtually nothing worse than starting off your day rushing out the door, forgetting your coffee or putting your pants on backwards. Here is a morning routine that will save your life. 

The real kicker comes once you're up. You are not permitted to work on last minute homework or stress whatsoever until you have taken care of yourself. For those of us who have to leave early, working on assignments is just not an option. For those who don't officially start their days until 9, 10 or 11 am, you can definitely try to get some work done in the morning, as we are our most productive selves between 9 am and noon! But, no matter what, do these things first: 

1. Make Your Bed. After a long, hard, stressful day, at least you will be able to come home to a fresh, clean, cozy bed. Studies also show that starting your day off by completing a task will motivate you to continue completing tasks all day long. 

2. Prepare your body, prepare your mind. Walk around your apartment, do some yoga, have a dance party in your dorm, or go for a walk or run. You can always find 2-5 minutes in your morning to do something good for your body and get your blood pumping. During this time, try to meditate in some way. Whether that is thinking about what you are grateful for, immersing yourself in silence before you head off to a noisy day, or actually listening to a meditation or yoga class, doing something to treat your mind and body is so important. Even if you just do some stretching in the shower and think of three things you are grateful for, that is better than doing nothing!

3. Eat something healthy. Your body needs nutrients, so even though Pop-Tarts are life-savers once in a while, the real life-saver is eating a solid breakfast to get you through your morning. Drink a glass of water — or two if you drink a cup of coffee, since coffee dehydrates you. To optimize hydration, garnish your water with a slice of fresh lemon. You deserve it! 

The final part of your morning routine is actually completed in your night routine. Sounds confusing, right? It's really not. The best way to feel your best and start off your morning on a positive note is to prepare your future self. Choosing your outfit the night before can save last minute stressors like forgetting that you have no clean clothes or putting your pants on backwards in your rush. I've also found it SO helpful to make my to-do lists the night before. If I don't make my to-do lists in advance, I either forget meetings, appointments or tasks I need to complete, or I just spend my whole night thinking that I am going to have the most stressful, chaotic day ever. If you don't make to-do lists, this is your wake up call — Start! Making! Lists! Utilize a planner, make lots of to-do lists either on paper or your computer (Stickies rock!) Being organized can seem insignificant or lame, but the most productive people are those that are on top of their game. 

All of us have days where we wake up late, frazzled and stressed. More often than not, though, we have the power to maximize the potential of our days with a bomb morning routine. You can go from a couch potato night owl to an absolute boss morning person by just convincing yourself that you can and need to be a morning person. Give yourself time to wake up so that you can be your most productive self. You deserve this time for “you” time! Change your habits, change your life. Making this morning routine a priority and a habit will make you a more positive, less stressed and more productive person. Try it for yourself!