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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wisconsin chapter.

Around the end of last semester, with the impending pandemic looming over my college experience, I had a bit of a break. I have never been so stressed and lost in my entire life. I sat in my childhood bedroom trying to understand OChem and I felt the sudden urge to change absolutely all of it. Everyday I woke up and I was reminded of all the things that I dreaded doing. My favorite point of the day was its end when I was finally done. I wasn’t enjoying anything I was doing, and growing up I had always loved school and the process of learning. That’s when I realized I wasn’t on the right path.

Then… I realized that I genuinely didn’t have to do any of it. Like I’m sure many people can relate to, at one point I wanted to be a doctor. I made that decision my senior year of high school and basically never thought deeply about it again. I set myself on that track and continued it without further thought. I made the decision, so I was going to finish it. That was my personality. However, one day in suburban Ohio, I took a walk as I listened to the newly released, at the time, evermore by Taylor Swift. For some reason “long story short” hit me. No, it wasn’t the wrong guy for me. But, the wrong career path seems much worse. I definitely felt like I was pushed from the precipice and it definitely was a bad time. So, I changed it. To what? At the time I had no idea.

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I thought I was never going to be the person who changed their major or field. My own pride would have led me to an unhappy and unsatisfying life that would probably ultimately destroy my worldview. I now know that there is nothing wrong with changing your major or career path, and I wasn’t late in the process. Yes, I will need to figure out how to fit all the classes of my new major in to get it done in time, but at least I do not have to get a science degree, which I wouldn’t enjoy getting, and eventually become miserable in med school or PA school.

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If I could go back in time, I would say I have no regrets. Being in STEM for almost two years has taught me crucial lessons in time management and quantitative thinking that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. I learned a lot about myself in this process and I’m glad I went through it. So, for any of you that are thinking about changing your major. Do it. I know you hear that all the time, but truthfully everything will be fine, and you don’t want to end up in a career that makes you unhappy. There is so much pressure in college to know what you’re going to do from the beginning and this really affected me and I wish it hadn’t. We are all on our own journeys. Everyone is on a different path, but it’s the path that’s right for them, and in that regard, there is no way that following your happiness can be wholly wrong.

Hi y'all! I'm Charlotte and I'm a third-year Journalism and Strategic Communication student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This is my second year writing for Her Campus Wisconsin. When not writing, you can find me enjoying cheese boards, A24 films and cosmopolitans because Carrie Bradshaw taught me well.
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Kate is currently a senior at the University of Wisconsin Madison majoring in Biology, Psychology and Sociology. She is the proud co-president of Her Campus Wisconsin. Kate enjoys indoor cycling, spending time with friends, cheering on the Badgers and making the absolute best crepes ever!