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Don’t let the bedbugs bite!

If you’re anything like me, you know that a restful night of sleep is not always easy to come by. The wrong temperature, lighting, sounds and so much more can doom me to a restless and wakeful night in even the most comfortable of sleeping arrangements. But in a dorm room? Well, good luck. Personally, I live in a quad, meaning that four of us are constantly trying to coordinate bedtimes, alarm clocks, lights, getting ready… it can get chaotic. But at this point, over halfway into our freshman year, we are finally starting to figure out what does (and doesn’t) work for each of us. What follows are (in no particular order) my top three must-haves for a peaceful night of sleep in my dorm room. 

1. Meditation

Sure, meditating may sound silly or over the top. You might immediately picture yourself sitting criss-cross applesauce chanting “ohm” over and over while calming spa music plays in the background (and hey, if that sounds appealing, go for it!). But realistically, meditation is a tool that is meant to be used the way it works best for you. Additionally, there are apps such as Healthy Minds or Calm which can lead you in guided meditations. For a goal-oriented person like myself, these are a game-changer. If you’re interested, keep reading as I share my tips for a relaxing and rewarding meditation session. 

First, you have to set aside any and all doubts or misconceptions and put the power of your confidence into meditation’s capabilities to improve your sleep. Then, find a comfortable place but (and this is very important) not such a comfortable place that you can’t focus. It’s important to sit up straight so you feel alert. Finally, I always find it helpful to be hydrated while I meditate. Keeping a water bottle or a nice cup of tea within arm’s reach makes the whole experience much more beneficial.

2. Microwavable stuffed animals 

Dorm room AC on the fritz again? Find your mountains of blankets just aren’t quite cutting it in Wisconsin’s mid-January temps? Well, shiver no longer, my friend, because I have the perfect solution for you: microwavable stuffed animals! I don’t know how I ever slept before I got one. Basically, these stuffed animals have velcro pockets with little heat-up beads in a removable pouch. Pop that pouch in the microwave for two minutes, stick it back in your stuffie and you have a warm cuddle buddy to fall asleep with! Bonus: some of them are lavender scented, helping you fall asleep even faster.

Every single person in my quad dorm has one of these and we all swear by them, so if you happened to peek into our room at the end of the night you’d definitely see a line forming by the microwave. But it is totally worth it! Fun fact: mine is a scarf-wearing hippopotamus my mom named Mister Sir.

3. Bluetooth sleep mask

For many years, I have been someone who cannot fall asleep without listening to something. It started with just instrumental music, then I got into podcasts, and now I rely on my favorite comfort shows to put me to bed. My roommates and I joke that I am an iPad kid at night. For the longest time, my method of keeping the sound contained was to wear an AirPod to bed. Aside from the occasional scrabble through my sheets to find a lost earbud, this strategy worked pretty well. That is, until I saw a TikTok warning against my exact habit! Apparently, (and don’t quote me on this, because I am not a doctor) consistently wearing headphones to bed can cause earaches and long term discomfort. Never one to doubt the integrity of TikTok medical advice, I immediately went on Amazon and ordered what my roommate Makayla has been using all semester: a Bluetooth speaker sleep mask. 

These sleep masks are comfortably padded and contain tiny little Bluetooth speakers right near your ears, so you can hear your favorite song, white noise or comfort show but no one else can! You don’t have to put anything in your ears, you don’t have to worry about annoying wires while you sleep, and it only has to be charged about once per week. I swear, when I put that mask on and hit play on The Office, I am out like a light. 

As college students, we can never doubt the importance of a good night’s sleep. However, as dorm-residers, we also know that there are ever-changing factors which prevent that very necessity. It took me a while to figure it out, but I am perfectly happy with my nighttime routine now, and I hope that these tips can bring some ease to you and your roommates. It really is a team effort when you live in a dorm room, and keeping everyone well rested only improves the quality of your teamwork.

Ruby Farnham

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