How To Start The Second Semester off Great!

Happy Second Semester! As most of you know, the second semester of college has begun and many of us are getting accustomed to our new schedule. Along with it being the beginning of the last semester, it is also the start of a new year— here are some ways to ensure you start the semester and the year off on the right foot!


With a new schedule and a new rhythm, one must map out their day-to-day routine. To do this, simply go to your local store and get a brand new planner. With this planner, you can write out when all your exams are, what days you have homework and what days you have your activities planned. If you map out your schedule ahead of time, you won’t forget items and you won’t overbook yourself. If you are like me, you can map this out using colors, with each color corresponding to a different class and activity..


Another thing you can do to start the second semester on the right foot is to plan some time for self-care, some time to go out and eat with friends and some time to do something adventurous at least once a month. By setting time aside to do things that aren't school-oriented you are allowing your brain a break. Giving yourself a rest will allow you to be more successful in the long run. No one can succeed with a cluttered and stressed mind,—leaving some time off for yourself will help you be social and ensure you are attentive to your studies.


If you have the resources, it is nice to buy all new school supplies. Buy new notebooks, new folders, and maybe even some new colored pencils. This will “reset” your brain for a fresh start and will allow you to focus on your new material and new classes instead of last semester’s old notes, folders and stray granola bar wrappers at the bottom of your backpack.


Finally, you can rearrange your room or your study space. By rearranging your personal space(s), you have new energy and a new environment to enter into. This is not only refreshing, but it can give you a new outlook on things and allow you to feel less overwhelmed by the same old setting.


Hopefully, these tips will help you feel less cluttered, overwhelmed, and trapped and allow you to start the new year and semester productively. Have a great second semester!