How to Cure FOMO During Midterms

Studying for midterms is a struggle, but remaining distant from what is going on in the outside world is a skill. There are several precautions one should take in order to remain focused. Follow these easier said than done tasks to prevent feelings of isolation and FOMO. 
Instagram where you would rather be than studying.
During the short period of time that you lift your head from the books, take a minute to recall any place you would rather be. This may range from enjoying a good meal to being on vacation. But, don’t spend too much time day dreaming and imagining yourself lounging on the beach.
Turn off computer notifications.
Even though you think you’re removed from social life through putting your phone away, everyone knows that many computers have pop-up notifications. Don’t cheat yourself. Make sure to turn these off. This will get rid of many distractions coming from iMessage and Facebook.
Plan your study hours strategically.
Consider planning your study hours according to what your friends are doing. If they are going out at night, spend the majority of your time at the library while they are getting ready to go out and while they are out. Make sure you get back before them so they don’t persuade you to stay up late.
Bring a lot of water so you can take bathroom breaks to check your phone.
After studying for long hours, sometimes we need a break but aren’t willing to let ourselves have it. Bring water so that you are forced to go to the bathroom. This also provides a decent window to check your phone. 
Plan the meals you are going to have after your exams are over.
Plan to go to a nice, rewarding meal after completing your tests. Not only does this give you something to take your mind off studying, but it also allows you to look forward to something exciting. 
Hopefully this provides some light for all those people sitting behind piles of exam prep. If you are reading this while you should be studying, get back to work!