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The Best of Stassi Schroeder

Bravo’s popular reality show “Vanderpump Rules” is never short of drama and unique personalities. Stassi Schroeder, the queen of “Vanderpump Rules,” in particular, never falls short on her biting comebacks and serious attitude.

1. “My mom always told me that I’m the descendant of a Swedish princess, so I try to act like one.”

2. “I literally want to come at them with daggers and chop their faces and hide them in the walls.”

3. “I am the devil. And don’t you forget it.”

4. “I literally want to take every fork and knife and just graze over his body until he slowly bleeds to death.”

5. “It’s my birthday, what I say goes.”

6. “Is that my problem? That I’m too good looking?”

7. “I feel like someone is gonna get stabbed with a diamond.”

8. “I am so good at making people feel like shit when they deserve to feel like shit”

9. “I normally would’ve literally ran across that float with daggers, and not only stabbed you both, like, 40 times, but then thrown you off, tarred and feathered each of you, beheaded you, and quartered your bodies, and dragged them through the city of West L.A. on a disgusting truck.”

10. “I’m about to kill me some rich bitches. That’s all I’m saying. And then I’m gonna steal their handbags.”


As you can tell, Stassi is definitely one of a kind. Watch Stassi dominate the cast of “Vanderpump Rules” on Monday nights on Bravo!




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