8 Songs You Need to Hear While Trying to Find A Parking Spot

Parking your car should be considered an Olympic sport; it’s not made for the weak (or the poor). Consider this playlist your ultimate guide for keeping the road range contained.


1. Shut Up and Drive by Rihanna

Think of Rihanna as your pregame; listen to her before you enter the battlefield in order to boost your confidence levels.



2. Move B***H by Ludacris

In all reality, who actually has time to yield for pedestrians?



3. Selfish by PnB Rock

This tune is for when there’s one spot left that could technically fit two vehicles, but you decide to park dead center instead because your Prius deserves more room for activities.


4. Moves by Big Sean

Trying to hype yourself up for the parallel park? Look no further.



5. Unforgettable by French Montana

Have you ever made eye contact with a glorious parking spot from across the street, and then watched a ruthless driver whip in out of nowhere and steal it right from under you? This one goes out to that parking space that leaves you thinking all week, “Why didn’t I leave work thirty seconds earlier?”



6. One Night by Lil Yachty

*Me serenading the neighbors that haven’t moved their cars for days despite the parking tickets adorning the dashboard.*



7. Little Bit More by Jidenna

*Me serenading the parking enforcement after I’ve been parked for longer than allowed, but truly don’t have the energy to move my car yet*



8. Throw Sum Mo by Rae Sremmurd

*The parking enforcement responding to my heated emails*


As most of us know, parking in the city isn’t a fun pastime. The best we can do is play some Lil Yachty and pray that we can make it through this tough time, also known as alternative parking, together. Amen.