7 Tips For Move-In Day

Summer cas come to a close and although you may have thought you would have plenty of time to get everything together for the school year, I’m sure you have quickly come to realize that rest and relaxation trumped preparation.  Here are some tips to help make your move in day as stress-free as possible. 

1. Plan your dorm/apartment with your roommate beforehand.

Sometimes people forget in the haste of college starting that you really need to coordinate with your roommate. Whether you want to stick to a specific color scheme or need to divide up what each of you need to bring, discuss your new place with your roommate before you get there so there is no confusion or stress on the first day.

2. Don’t bring your whole wardrobe from home.

No matter if it’s your freshman year dorm or your apartment senior year, most likely there is not enough space to fit all of your clothing and accessories from home. So don’t bring everything. More likely than not you won’t need half of your clothes anyway, so make logical choices.

3. Sort and label your stuff in advance.

Don’t just toss all your stuff into bags for move in. Although this is the easiest way to pack (and I’m definitely guilty of this), it isn’t the easiest way to move in. Try to pack logically and label all your bags and boxes so it’s easier for you to sort and organize once you’re in your new room.

4. Bring tools/cleaning supplies.

This is something I forget every single year! You need tools to hang up decorations and cleaning supplies is a MUST, the dorms and apartments are never fully clean and you are going to want to quickly refresh the space before you get settled in.

5. Ship or buy things in Madison.

You don’t need to buy everything in advance, especially if you’re coming to Madison from out of state. Instead, just purchase the larger things you may need in town or ship it so you don’t have to deal with it on your trip.

6. Try to move in before or after the rush.

Move in day is CRAZY, everyone is trying to move in at the same time and it’s so chaotic. Although you may be antsy to get to campus, try to wait until after the rush or get there in advance so you don’t get slowed down by everyone else moving in.

7. Take advantage of your parents being there.

It’s college and you’re finally free from your parent’s watchful eye, but don’t push them out. There is so much they can help you with on move in day, from unpacking to cleaning, and you will definitely miss them once they’re gone! Let them stick around, help you get groceries and remember that they are going to miss you too.

Whether you’re a returning student or a freshman, these tips can help seamlessly kick-off your fall semester.