7 Fashion Trends that Prove the 90s Are Back

It may be 2018, but recent trends are telling us that we’re back in 1998. Nostalgia has completely taken over, and the 90s are sneaking back into pop culture. The 90s is my absolute favorite decade; it’s interesting to see the trend circle back as someone who was born during this time. We see these seven trends in reruns and reboots of popular 90s shows, but we also see them in our everyday fashion:


1. Denim Jackets

Whenever girls go out, they complete their outfits with a denim jacket. Most prominent in the 90s, this item has yet to go out of style. Now, we see that almost everyone has a denim jacket. Anytime I need a jacket, I immediately opt for my denim one. If you’re going for a casual style, then be sure to get a jean jacket of your own. You'll instantly feel like you’ve been transported back to the 90s.


2. Chokers


Not too long ago, this trend was nowhere near fashionable. But now, almost everyone I know owns a choker. It’s the perfect accessory for anyone who doesn’t really wear jewelry. Today, chokers range from casual to sophisticated. There are a variety of chokers, and they can match anyone’s style and personality.


3. Leather Jackets

Okay, this is another jacket that used to be a staple 90s trend. But, they’ve circled back into 2018. If you’re feeling edgy, add a leather jacket to your look, whether it be with a dress or with jeans. Its sharp look may seem daunting, but don’t worry, any girl can rock this style!


4. Scrunchies

At 19 years old, I never would’ve seen myself wearing a scrunchie a few years ago. However, it’s my absolute go-to accessory now. Scrunchies are perfect for those of us who constantly wear their hair up. When you’re feeling lazy with your hair, opt for a colorful or velvet scrunchie to revamp that updo!


5. Crop Tops

We see crop tops so much now, that even I was surprised when I found out this was originally a 90s trend. It’s simple, and it pairs well with a pair of high-waisted jeans. Prepare to wear these cute tops this upcoming spring and summer!


6. Metallic Makeup

Metallic makeup works best for a night out. Putting on makeup is a timely process; the ability to simply swipe a shimmery metallic shadow on your eyes is a huge time saver! If you’re ever feeling lazy but want a glamorous look, then get some metallic shadows and glosses.


7. Flannel

Once a staple of the grunge era, this fashion item is a perfect way to add a casual touch to any look; the ones with oversized fit are especially comfy. Flannels may seem like a fall item, but depending on the color and fabric, you can truly make it rock any time of the year!


What’s great about all of these trends is that they work for any type of girl. These trends are easy ways to incorporate an extra flair into your wardrobe. You can even wear some of these items together if you truly want to embrace the 90s look! They are also simple enough to work as a base for your own creative, original looks. You might as well set your clocks back 20 years — the 90s are not going anywhere!