6 Ways to Avoid the Winter Cold

Winter is upon us, and that means that the cold, dry Wisconsin weather is here to last for the next few months (that will seem like forever). Along with the wintery weather comes the annual runny noses and dry throats. Here are some tips to stay happy and healthy even when everyone around you has the seasonal sickness.


1. Stay Hydrated

Drinking fluids is an important part of staying healthy. Make sure to drink plenty of water and avoid dehydration. It is recommended to drink about 6-8 cups a day in order to stay hydrated and reap all of the benefits. Drinking water throughout the day does not only help you stay alert but also is crucial to one’s general health and well being. 


2. Get sleep

Another way to maintain your health during the winter is to get enough sleep. As college students, we don’t always get as much sleep as we should, and we often put grades in front of our physical and mental health. Many studies have shown that college students should be getting at least 8 hours a night. So, try to avoid those all-nighters and prepare for tests and quizzes earlier so you can sleep longer. 


3. Wash your hands

It’s that time of year again… everyone is getting sick and the possibility of you getting a cold just gets more and more likely. One of the simplest ways to avoid getting sick is to wash your hands. After talking and hanging out with a sick person, wash those filthy germs away. Before eating, wash your hands. Last but not least (this should be obvious, hopefully),  wash your hands after using the restroom. Doing this easy thing may save you from the seasonal cold. 


4. Exercise

Exercising is another way to stay healthy. Exercising not only helps to maintain a healthy weight but may also help you with the seasonal blues. By improving your mood through the release of endorphin, or boosting your energy through the increase of oxygen and nutrients to your body, exercising will help you stay happier and more energized. 


5. Eat Clean

Eating healthy also helps ward off colds. Vegetables are great sources of certain nutrients and vitamins, including vitamin C. Eating a clean diet with plenty of servings of fruits and veggies will help give you the vitamins and nutrients you need to stay away from the winter flu. 


6. Get Your Flu Shot

Last but not least, get your flu shot. The flu is not as easy to combat as you may think, and the best way to fight influenza is through the flu vaccine. If you haven’t already gotten your flu shot, you might want to start thinking about it. The vaccine takes about two weeks for the antibodies to develop in the body. The flu vaccine changes every year as does the strain of flu, so it is important to get an annual flu shot because the shot is tailored to a certain strain. If you are afraid of needles don’t worry, there has been a nasal spray of the vaccine created. 


If you’re dreading the winter because of the annual flu that it brings, don’t worry. Here is to staying healthy during the holidays!