6 Ways to Avoid a Mid-Semester Slump

lasses have been in session for a few weeks now, and it's easy to feel like your schedule is overwhelming and you can't get ahead. Here are six tips that will help you stay organized and get back into the swing of things!


1. Set aside certain things for certain days


One of the best ways to stay on top of your responsibilities is to plan certain activities for certain days. Set aside a day for yourself and not to do anything else. Set aside a day to spend with friends or family and set aside days to do certain chores or certain subjects of homework.



2. Do homework as assigned


This one is easier said than done, but it will make your life a lot less stressful! Instead of cramming all of your homework into one day on the weekend, do your homework the day that it is assigned. Not procrastinating and doing your homework right away will make you less stressed and provide more time to do other things.



3. Go home and do chores during small breaks


The chores that you may not have been used to doing during break will begin to add up if you don’t do them right away. Do your dishes right away after you’re done eating or drinking. On the weekends, clean your room, straighten up your living spaces and do your laundry. By keeping up with your chores you can prevent the stress they will cause if they pile up!



4. Eat balanced meals

Instead of eating junk food for snacks, choose fruits or vegetables. Fruits and veggies and other balanced foods will give you more energy to stay on top of your homework or chores. Make sure to eat at normal times, and pack healthy snacks to bring to class if you know you will be hungry. Eating normally will add a sense of normality and routine as well!


5. Try to get some quality sleep


Getting enough sleep will make sure you have enough energy to be able to do everything you need to do the next day. Sleeping well will also create a routine for your new semester. Make sure to set aside enough time for your other responsibilities so you’re not cramming everything in late at night, which can ruin your sleep schedule!



6. Use a Planner


Using a planner is one of the most effective ways to stay on task. By writing everything down either physically or digitally, you won’t have to worry about forgetting to do something. A planner is a simple way to organize the things you need to do, and to plan your time so you can get them done efficiently.


Keeping up with your homework, maintaining a healthy diet or sleep schedule, and using a planner are awesome ways to stay on track with all of your responsibilities!