6 Easy Steps to Conquering a Spin Class

Spin classes can be intimidating given the intensity of the workout, but they’re an extremely fun way to stay in shape. Follow these six simple steps at your next class to replace the spin scares with success.

1. Hydrate

Drink plenty of water before your class, and be sure to bring a full bottle along with you. I recommend a water that contains electrolytes, such as SmartWater, to keep you well hydrated for your workout. Don’t fear feeling bloated because trust me, you’ll sweat it out.

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2. Nourish

Make sure to eat before your workout, even if your class is in the morning. Spin classes are usually intense, burning between 400 and 600 calories. Make sure you’re well-nourished so that you’re able to finish strong.

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3. Bring a Friend

Alone or with company, spin classes are a ton of fun. Yet, if it’s your first time trying a class you might find it encouraging to bring a friend, especially if he or she has gone to the class before. If you tend to get anxiety before trying new workout classes, a friend can help you adjust your bike and make your first class a little less stressful --- but believe me, it doesn’t matter how many times you go, most of us look like fools, and that’s the beauty of it!

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4. Improvise a Little

The best thing about spin classes is that it is guided. There’s an instructor telling you the pace at which to spin, where to place your arms on the handlebars, and what to do with your weights. It’s nice to be able to lose yourself in the music and not to have to think about what your next move will be. However, if you find yourself struggling with the resistance the instructor says to put on, or with a certain move, feel free to lower your resistance or do a different move that makes you feel more comfortable. After all, the goal is to get a killer workout while having fun, not to push yourself to the point of no-return (not returning to a spin class ever again, that is.)

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5. Don’t Compare

Sometimes I find my eyes drifting to the girl next to me who seems to be doing all of the moves flawlessly while I’m struggling to make my pedals move. However, don’t get stuck in the comparison trap! To begin with, you have no idea what someone actually set their resistance to. Even though the instructor gives a recommendation, resistance is controlled individually, so your resistance may be set much higher than the person next to you. Moreover, everyone is at a different place in their spinning and fitness journeys! Showing up for a spin class and completing the workout is a great feat! Don’t ruin the fun of the workout by staring at the bike next to you. After all, the instructors are usually funny and are really helpful to watch as they guide you to spinning success.

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6. Stay Positive

I’m not going to lie, spin classes usually kick my butt-- but in a good way! Don’t get discouraged if you find yourself struggling at points during the workout. Stay positive, and realize that we’re all panting and dripping sweat together!

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So strap on those shoes, pedal those feet, and spin with a smile at your next class