5 Ways to Get around Campus Without a Car

If you’ve ever had the joy of walking to class in any type of weather — from snow to extreme heat — then you’ve probably thought about how a car might make your life just a little bit easier. But, then you remember the numerous parking tickets you would most likely get, how expensive a parking spot at your apartment is, and how crowded the streets are during a typical day on campus. A car would be wonderful, but sadly we don’t all have that luxury. Don’t worry though, you’re not completely out of luck — here are five of the best ways to get around campus without a car. 


1. Take the 80

Ah yes, the 80. Basically, everyone on campus has heard of the 80, but in case you live under a rock, the 80 is the most convenient bus line to take around campus. Pros: Most of the bus drivers are really nice, they have no fear when it comes to driving fast and furiously, and you probably look just as tired as everyone else on the bus. Cons: on certain extra-cold days, the 80 might not open its doors for you, zooming past you as you shed a single tear and frantically check your phone for when the next bus will come. The bus also gets pretty crowded at times, so you might have to get used to having one square-inch of space on your ride. Still worth it!


2. Ride a bike

Madison has repeatedly been ranked in the top ten for best bike-friendly cities in the U.S., so it’s no surprise how many students ride a bike on campus. Pros: it gets you places quickly, is eco-friendly, and is pretty cheap. Plus, there are tons of bike shops around Madison just in case you need a tune-up. Cons: biking is a no-go when it gets really cold. The cold feels even colder (somehow it’s possible) when you’re riding your bike, and if you keep your bike outside, the weather might rust your bike. Also, if you don’t want to mess up your hair before class, you might not like the idea of wearing a helmet. Still, this option is a good investment for living in Madison.


3. Walk

As a last resort, walking is sure to get you anywhere. Pros: you get in some exercise for the days/weeks/months you forgot to go to the gym, and you get to enjoy the beautiful scenery around you (it’s probably a lot of snow). Cons: this campus seems never ending, so it might take you forever to get somewhere. Plus, there’s a 75% chance you might slip on ice and a 50% chance someone recorded you slipping, but hey, at least we’ve all been there. 


4. Uber


For those days you miss the bus, you’re too tired to walk, and your bike is stuck in the snow, there’s always Uber. Pros: you’ll get right to where you need to be in no time. It’s like having a car without really having a car! Cons: you have to be in a spending mood, and must be careful because before you know it, you’ve spent way more than you realized. I would also suggest trying to avoid Ubering alone at night because you never know what might potentially happen. Overall, definitely a very convenient, albeit sometimes expensive, mode of transportation.


5. Moped 

 A moped is great. If you saved up and bought one yourself, or somehow if you convinced your parents it was a necessity, you are lucky to have a moped. Pros: you look really cool. Everyone is probably jealous of you. You can go anywhere, and get there fast. Cons: a quarter of the size of a car, but sadly just as many parking tickets. Also doesn’t do great in the cold and snowy weather, and your hands might freeze if you don’t wear gloves in the winter. However, you still look cool because you’re on a moped. 


Living without a car isn’t too bad. Think about all the money you’re saving! Hopefully, you can use this list to make it through the rest of the semester.