5 Ways to Come Back From a Poor Round of Midterms

It’s the middle of the semester, which either means your midterms are just starting, are, thankfully, over or are seemingly non-stop until finals. Whatever the situation is, midterms are usually a huge portion of your grade and can positively — or negatively — affect your GPA.


Unfortunately, If you fail (or get a C because you consider that to be failing) on your midterm, it can feel like the end of the world. Fortunately, it’s not the end of the world, and there is time to come back from one poor grade. But, how?


1. Go to Your Professor’s Office Hours

No matter if your professor seems approachable or not, go to their office hours. By visiting, you usually get to see exactly where you went wrong on your exam as well as express your hopeful final grade for the class. Professors are not mind readers and do not know if you’re taking this class just for kicks or are truly hoping to learn something and have your grade reflect it. State your intentions with this class and your professor will be sure to try and help you succeed.


2. Reflect on Your Study Habits

You say you studied, but think about it — did you really? Sitting at College Library with your notecards out in front of you as you watch The Office does not count as studying. Neither does staring out the window at Starbucks as your Quizlet sits open in front of you. Also, studying the wrong material certainly doesn’t help the situation — which is why you should be going to office hours and make sure your studying materials are on point.


3. Talk With Other Students

Nobody can relate to a bad exam grade better than your peers. Ask them how they did, and if they had relatively similar scores to you, at least you know you’re not alone and hopefully the professor will curve the exam. If they had significantly higher scores, instead of getting upset or embarrassed, ask them how they prepped for the exam and maybe ask to form a study group!


4. Make a Plan

Okay, so maybe you know where you went wrong now. However, that next exam (or final!) is closer than you think! Start preparing now so you can do better the next time! Whether that means forming a study group, making flashcards or a study guide — be proactive and do something now.


5. Assess Your Goals and Intentions with the Class

As much as we all want to succeed, sometimes putting an exorbitant amount of effort into a class that in the long run won’t matter isn’t worth it! Does the grade affect you getting into a class in the future, obtaining an internship, or graduating? As long as you’re not failing and will pass the class, don’t put too much stress on yourself. Society and their expectations do enough of that for us.


Failing can be scary, especially for those of us who succeed often. However, instead of letting it get you down and ruin your week, take it as a learning lesson. By following these five tips and putting in some hard work, you can become the comeback kid of grades.