5 Tips for Having the Best Week Ever

Racing out the door after you jerk awake to your last alarm can leave you feeling like a mess; it's a stressful way to start your week. But, prepping just a little bit the day before the week begins will help you feel organized; you'll be ready to kick the week in the butt.  Here are some of our favorite tips and tricks for starting your week off on the right note – you'll definitely thank yourself later.


1. Make a List

Being surprised with a boatload of work you didn’t know you had can be more stressful than the assignment itself. Use that cute notebook or planner your friend got you for your birthday to make a thorough to-do list before your crazy week begins. Outline your pages with all the days of the week, then write down all your major events and the things you’re sure you want to accomplish. Nothing’s going to sneak up on you this week!


2. Clean up

Cleaning your room, desk, kitchen and bathroom is a great way to feel fresh for the upcoming week. Make your bed and refold clothes you threw in your drawer; do the dishes and wipe down your sink. You will feel much better knowing that you've kept the things you use on a daily basis nice and clean; it will keep your head clear for the week ahead.


3. Get Moving

Most of us take Sundays to lie in bed until noon, relax and get ahead on some homework. But if you’re feeling extra motivated, starting off your week with exercise is the way to go. Wake up 20 minutes earlier than usual on Monday morning, and do 20 jumping jacks and crunches. Want something a little more interactive? Check out 20-minute pilates or yoga videos from YouTube. Getting your blood flowing will strengthen and refresh your mind and body in preparation for all the tasks you need to accomplish for the week. 


4. Go Get Some Groceries

Design a wholesome grocery list and head to the store. Although you’ll likely have to stop back in later on in the week, you'll have a fridge and pantry stocked with yummy and healthy foods to fuel you through the beginning of the week. 


5. Plan Your Outfits

Come up with a few different outfits you know you’ll feel good in for the week. Eliminating the stress of not knowing what to wear last-minute will make your Monday mornings run by a little bit more smoothly. Get rid of any potential cause for negative energy before it gets to you.

Starting your week off unmotivated is a bummer. Do these little things for yourself so you can get rid of any unwanted stress. You’ll feel refreshed, organized and ready to take on whatever comes at you in the next five days.