5 Thoughts We All Have While Walking Up Bascom Hill

Are you tired of walking up Bascom Hill? Do you nearly die every time you have to walk all the way up the hill? Well, thankfully you aren't the only one. As UW students we all have to make the treacherous walk up Bascom Hill at least once in our Badger lifetime. These gifs will give you the feels as they describe how we all feel when we have to walk up Bascom.


1. Denial

Denial is the first part of every student's journey up Bascom. We begin at the bottom of the hill and look up, thinking that there is no way we are going to be able to walk up that. Our minds start to calculate whether we can skip the class that requires us to walk up the monster hill.



2. Determination

Determination is the next thought. Once we’ve decided that we have to go to class and walk up the hill, we get a surge of encouragement. We tell ourselves that we are going to conquer Bascom and that we will stop at nothing until we are at the top of the hill!



3. Disbelief

Then comes disbelief. We know there is no way we'll ever make it to the top, I mean, we’re not even halfway up this hill! Our determination is long gone; we lost that within the first minute of walking, and now we are slowly regretting our decision as we realize that it is way longer than we thought.


4. Giving up

Next, we want to give up. Can't we stop right here, go back down the hill and never do this again? We contemplate if it would be weird to stop halfway, sit down and just not go to class.


5. Joy

Finally, we have made it! Despite all the hardship and the multiple times we wanted to give up, we conquered Bascom Hill! Now we go, sweating and out of breath to our class, but feeling like queens because we made it!


Regardless of how hard the trek up Bascom may seem, don't feel alone because every UW student has to encounter the strenuous walk up there. Hopefully, these gifs give you a bit of humor and motivation to take on Bascom the next time you have to walk up it!