5 Romantic Comedies That Promote Unhealthy Relationships

I can confidently say that I love a romantic comedy more than most girls; but after watching them time and time again, it makes me wonder what they're actually promoting. Are they promoting true love, or are they portraying that women need to change themselves to be more appealing to men? Here are five romantic comedies you should rethink the next time you watch them!


1. Grease

This 1950s classic inspired us all to find the Danny to our Sandy. But, do we all want to give ourselves complete makeovers to appeal to a guy? The answer is no! Sandy completely changed herself to be more like the girls Danny liked and sang the infamous “You Better Shape Up” to tell Danny that he, too, needed to change. No girl should have to change her image for a guy, and no guy should have to change his for a girl. Moral of the story: if he doesn't like you for the way you are, he isn’t worth it!!


2. The Proposal

I'd be lying if I said The Proposal wasn’t one of my favorite Sandra Bullock movies. However, I can also say that the portrayal of her being a cold, heartless woman in power is very stereotypical. Just because a woman has a high-end career doesn’t mean she's automatically cold and heartless. We can all agree that Bullock and Ryan Reynolds look good together, but he shouldn't have been thrown into an unwilling relationship.


3. 10 Things I Hate About You

This 90s kids classic will make you smile; however, how is it true love when the guy is bribed to date you? Poor Kat is made out to be a mean, angry girl just because she believes in herself and doesn't date around — self-empowering women are portrayed unfavorably in this movie. When she finally lets herself fall for the guy, she finds out he was bribed to go out with her! This movie may be cute, but it definitely does not promote healthy and strong relationships.  


4. Clueless

Clueless is another 90s favorite that has inspired many BFF Halloween costumes. Cher may exude self-confidence, but she is nonetheless depicted as a stereotypical rich Californian girl. When she starts to fall for Josh, she feels the need to change her values and do things that will impress him. Even confident Cher is compelled to change herself for the guy she likes. Again ladies, if he doesn’t like you for you — not worth it!


5. How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

This movie is my personal favorite rom-com, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit that it definitely doesn't promote healthy relationships. Andy intentionally acts like a girl that guys do not typically like, and Ben is arrogant and believes any woman can fall in love with him. Even though it’s hilarious seeing those two come together, it definitely does not empower women or promote healthy relationships.


Most girl loves a good rom-com, but remember that they're made for the big screen — not real life!  Rom-coms are sure fun to watch, but taking a relationship tips from them may not always be the best idea. Watch with caution!